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Sutton’s first carbon neutral estate agency...

carbon neutral

Everyone knows how important it is to do all we can to reduce and manage our greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why, at Butler’s, we are starting our journey to become fully carbon-neutral, or net-zero.

How are we becoming carbon-neutral?

We are working with an organisation called Carbon Neutral Britain to:

1. measure the greenhouse gas emissions from our day-to-day activities

2. reduce our emissions as much as possible by buying electricity from renewable resources, using recycled paper & 'for sale' boards, recycling everything we can, and travelling as little as possible

3. where we can’t reduce our emissions, they invest in carbon-saving projects and plant trees to offset our emissions on our behalf.

This is all done to the highest of standards, as determined by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

A tree planted for every valuation

But we are going even further with this pledge. We will have a tree planted in the Marston Forest for every property valuation that we do.* Please click here for more details Marston Vale Forest Creation - England – Carbon Neutral Britain

As ever there’s no obligation and no hard-sell – just an honest, straightforward appraisal of your home’s value, and another tree planted for the planet.

Are we joining a bandwagon?

Yes, we absolutely are joining a bandwagon! And we hope you, your friends, relatives and employers will too because what’s clear is that tackling climate change is something that can only be done if everyone joins in.

We are not claiming to be Greta, or that we are 100% greener-than-green. Just that we are doing our bit to, well, do our bit.

Dominic Butler


* One valuation per property, per 12 month period.

carbon neutral