instant valuation

thoughtful selling and letting

Being a good estate agency is about so much more than unlocking a door.

We get to know every property

With every new home we take on, we start by asking all the details.

From the date the boiler was last serviced to where you can get a late-night pint of milk – we want to know it all, so we're fully ready for buyers' questions.

Well-informed viewings

Why do so many agents send a negotiator to ‘show' a property when it seems like they've never even been there?

Our approach is different: we all visit your home before we start showing people round – so we know what we're talking about, can gently point out its finer points and answer any questions knowledgeably.

Regular contact

"I never hear from the agent", something customers say all too often. With us, you'll get a regular weekly call to update you on progress – even if there's nothing much to report, just so you know we're still thinking about you. If you're selling through us, you'll have access live updates 24hrs a day, and if your property is still on the market after a month, we'll book a time to come round to review progress and discuss the next steps.

A contract you'll think about, not worry about.

Looking to sell or rent? A little-known – and borderline unscrupulous – agency practice is the extended contract period, giving an agent exclusive rights to sell your property, sometimes for as long as 24 weeks!

That's nearly six months – and if you're unhappy with their service, you can't switch agents until that time is up.

We believe you should stay with an agent because you want to, not because of their lawyers' small-print!

So we take a different approach to most agents. Perhaps you have a particular sum in mind for your property, or need to work to a certain timescale.

We'll listen to what you tell us and agree a sensible marketing price, and settle on a fair period of commitment to help us achieve it.

Nothing scary or hidden – just working together to achieve the best outcome for us both.

We promise...