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Thoughtful Culture

We believe that good business is more about people than about money.

Run by people, not estate agents

We all have an image in our minds of ‘an estate agent’. And it’s not always a flattering one!

We take great care to recruit people who’ll have that real empathy and understanding of our clients that so many agents lack.

No commission vultures here, thank you

What’s more, our people aren’t paid bonuses for the number of sales they make.

This genuinely makes no difference to the sale or rentability of your property, yet has so many benefits for you.

For example, instead of scrambling to find the first buyer or tenant, our people work hard to find the right person – taking time to make sure they have access to funds or mortgage, are in a good position to move and who’ll stay the course to the end.

Listening before speaking

No two people buyers are the same. Everyone who comes to us has a different set of needs, expectations and hopes.

So before we get all presumptuous and speak before we understand, we ask questions and we listen and only then make informed recommendations.

Doing what we say

We have a simple principle here: we do what we say. This means we’ll follow-up on the things you ask us to do

And it means we’ll return calls and emails promptly and intelligently. Check out our 6 promises to find out more