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Value Your Home, Value The Planet

February, 2022

Over the last two years the Coronavirus pandemic has caused nothing but Bedlam throughout our day to day lives. Many of us have had to make huge changes whether that was socially, financially, and even emotionally. We have all adapted in ways we never dreamed possible, and it has been a very bumpy road for most of us.

However, the everlasting battle against climate change also seems to be adding fuel to the fire in our lives. We thought separating plastics, paper and food was hard enough, we are now losing our breath trying to suck up our favorite milkshake through a paper straw, whilst needing our ears be super tuned in to cross the road, thanks to Tesla!

On a more serious note, increased Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gasses (CO²e) are the biggest cause of global warming within the home we all share. Everything we do - what we buy, what we eat and where we go, all adds to the amount of CO² produced, adding to Global Warming. So, what we are pledging in our newest campaign is for the community of Sutton to pull together and do things differently in the fight against climate change.

We are proud in being Sutton’s first carbon neutral estate agency. We are doing all we can against the impact of CO² emissions on our atmosphere.

We currently reduce our emissions where we can in that all of our resources are recyclable from a leaflet through your door to the Butler’s sale board that’s popped up at that house you’ve always dreamed of. We have invested our time and money into carbon-reducing projects with our most recent project being the Marston Vale Forest creation.

We’re only just getting started and aim to be net-zero by 2024. Being carbon neutral currently means we offset our remaining emissions through something pretty simple, tree planting. In fact, we have recently celebrated our first tree planting milestone, having planted over 150 trees, celebrating with a trip down the high street for a Mc Plant! 

This is all our fight against climate change and were asking Sutton to jump in on the action - by homeowners simply asking for a property valuation. For every valuation we do we will plant an another tree.

You grow with us, and we’ll grow for you.

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